1st Tennessee Light Artillery, Battery K - Miller's Tennessee Battery
Georgia Division Artillery
"Ultima ratio regum"
"The final argument of kings"
"Artillerymen believe the world consists of two types of people;
other Artillerymen, and targets"
Just what is Pillow Flying Artillery?
Pillow Flying Artillery, also known as Miller's Tennessee Battery or Battery K, 1st Tennessee Light Artillery, is a War Between
the States reenacting organization. We are a military organization portraying a Confederate Artillery Battery. We are
non-political, and family-friendly.

When the need arises, we will galvanize as Battery K, 1st United States Horse Artillery. However our preference is to do a
Confederate impression.

We are War Between the States enthusiasts who desire to expand our knowledge of this turbulent period of our history and to
honor those soldiers who served in the War Between the States by portraying an Artillery Battery of men, who assemble
together at reenactments to honor our heritage and ancestors. Our experiences both on and off the field of battle enable us to
share our knowledge and experiences with the public. In this regard, we are "living historians."

Pillow Flying Artillery is a proud member of the
Georgia Division Reenactors Association since 2011.

If you are interested in joining our Battery, please email us at